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with Dr. Delorean

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Through speaking, mentoring, educating, and coaching them to be the best they can be and go after everything they desire.



To help girls and women embrace the memories from the past, focus on where they are now, and prepare for their future.




Geranae, Client

Delorean  has always been there for me providing moral support, and God-given wisdom. Sometimes she said nothing, and was a listening ear, other times she spoke the exact words that I needed to hear in that moment. Delorean will make you think hard, and definitely challenge you to dig deeper. 
I truly thank her for showing me what it truly means to become the woman that God has called for you to be, while working in purpose. 
I appreciate Delorean for the love, support, and mentorship she continues to show me. 
I’m forever grateful for the many lessons she has taught me, and I’m more grateful that God placed her in my life. 


Taylor, Mentee

It’ll be disrespectful to describe Dr. Delorean in one word, but if I could choose one, I would simply choose superhero. She saved my life. Being a young adult, it’s hard to really trust people once you really visualize how crazy the world is, but since I was 16, Dr. Delorean has been my coach, my big sister, and most importantly my mentor. She’s brutally honest, but it only shows her love and care for you. She’s selfless and her love for young women is unmatched. She’s created possibilities for not only me, but other girls and women to believe that there’s more to what stereotypes and the society has made us believe. Dr. Delorean Hogan is the wonder woman of my life. 

Dannella, Mother of 2 Dream Girls

Delorean has been in the lives of my two daughters as a mentor and leader for over  five years as members of her mentoring program ,"Dream Girls". She has served as a big sister they have never had, sharing her Godly wisdom and guided advice that teen girls need. I can honestly say I can put my total trust in her to lead, advise and guide my daughters through life's paths that teen girls don't always seek their mothers' for but will seek her and I know  they will be in "good hands" because she will provide support, prayer and sincere wisdom to help them navigate through various trials & journeys they are dealing with as teens. 

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